Volunteer at a Show

There is no successful show without volunteers. We pull off shows as smoothly as we do because of the support of individuals who donate their time and passion to On the Boards. Our volunteers are members of the community who are as interested in seeing art as they are in lending a hand to their local arts organization.

Here's what one of them has to say:
“I volunteer because, in addition to showing some of the most innovative work, OtB makes you feel like part of the family from day one.” — Chris Wolfe

Volunteers help direct our patrons to the right place, assist bartenders, tidy up the theater, and collect tickets. That’s it! You can hang out, chat with guests and other volunteers, and we don't make you wear a stuffy vest! You'll receive a free ticket to that evening's performance — including sold out shows — and a ticket for a free beverage of your choice. All you have to do is sign up and commit to being a reliable helper.


Volunteer at a Studio Supper

We're also looking for volunteers with food and wine experience. Read more about our Studio Suppers and sign up to volunteer for these special evenings using the link below.

To sign up to volunteer for either shows or Studio Suppers, click here

We'll add you to our volunteer mailing list and contact you about upcoming opportunities. You'll be able to choose the dates that work with your schedule.




MAY 24 | Join us for the legendary On the Boards gala! 

Help us make art available for all: buy a ticket for an art lover in need.

Help us put art on the stage and support the artists who make it!