TeenTix’s Press Corps at On the Boards

TeenTix Press Corps

Photo: Bronwen Houck Photography


For five weeks in Spring 2018, 10 teens will attend five shows across genres (three of them at On the Boards) to publish five pieces of responsive criticism. After each show they'll meet with an instructor and an artist in the field to develop their critique for publication. Look for their work on the TeenTix and OtB blogs



TeenTix empowers young people to take an active role in shaping their arts community as audience members, critics, influencers, advocates, patrons, and leaders. Since 2004 TeenTix has offered teenagers (13-19 years old) a free TeenTix pass that entitles them to purchase $5.00 day-of-show tickets at any of its 69 partner organizatons throughout the Puget Sound region, which includes On the Boards, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Art Museum, 5th Avenue Theatre, and more. Additionally TeenTix creates opportunities for teens from all backgrounds to engage deeply with the arts, such as arts leadership training in The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society, and arts criticism training through the TeenTix Press Corps. Over 80 teen contributors make the TeenTix blog Seattle’s best source of youth-centric arts coverage. The work and initiatives of TeenTix support a healthy community whose diverse civic leaders value, support, and participate in a thriving arts sector.

TeenTix       TeenTix Press Corps



TeenTix's Press Corps at On the Boards is a collaboration funded by the Boeing Company. 

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