What is Stompy’s? It is a pop-up format for engaging the imagination and enjoyment of our audiences and artists, providing an opportunity to continue the conversation once a show is over. Part speakeasy, part lounge, part community table, Post-Show at Stompy’s will appear occasionally and morph accordingly for various shows throughout the season. Events are planned by the OtB Ambassadors.

STOMPY'S 4.12.14 | After the Saturday Performance of Holcombe Waller: Wayfinders, step out into the OtB lobby, grab a drink from the bar and experience Trigger. New Dance Happenings, a quarterly performance showcase curated by Molly Sides. Trigger at OtB will be its sixth edition. Trigger brings together dancers and artists in an intimate setting where audience members experience performances in an unusual, communal way. Trigger 6 will transform the lobby of OtB into a performance space where audience members can will choose your own vantage point in a social setting.  Trigger: New Dance Happenings occur quarterly at venues across Seattle. Previously seen at Seattle's Vermillion and LoveCityLove. Get the details here.

STOMPY'S 1.25.14 | Join OtB and artists after the show at OtB post-show Saturday of Frédérick Gravel's Usually Beauty Fails for a DJ and dance party! We will be in the OtB lobby for a set or two by DJ Bob Catt and specialty cocktails served at the bar. Get the details here.

STOMPYS 12.7.13  | Seattle's first-ever 15-second dance film contest & screening party. Enjoy/be awed by/make fun of films by dancers, non-dancers, and everyone in between. The screening will happen in the OtB upstairs lobby following Saturday night's performance of The Clay Duke. Get the details here.

STOMPYS 10.26.13 | Our first Stompy’s featured an epic jam session in our Studio Theatre featuring musicians from the show playing with “Love City Love,” an improvisational music group from Seattle (with Birch Pereria on bass, Amos Miller on keys/synth, Chris Patin on drums, and Hollis Wong Wear on vocals). 

Check back throughout the year for updated information and details.

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