Performance Lab: Pal•imp•sest Apr 24, 2019

$10 • GET TICKETS Merrill Theater

Performance Lab

Weds, Apr 24, 7pm

In the Merrill Theater 

palimpsest /ˈpaləm(p)ˌsest/ (noun): something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.

New this season, Performance Lab is a continuation of OtB's longstanding commitment to showcasing works-in-progress by artists from across the Pacific Northwest. Artistic risk is a cornerstone of OtB's mission & values: supporting new works by artists from our community is one of the most important ways we manifest this commitment. Each Lab includes a Q&A with the artists, who discuss their pieces and processes with the audience and each other.

Co-curated by Curatorial Administrator Charles Smith and artists Ryan Vinson-Jacobs and Victoria Vinson-Jacobs, this Performance Lab includes short works by Heidi Biggs, Meg Ess, Dora Gaskill (PDX), and Julia Bruk. Playing with the theme of "palimpsest"–that which is altered or reused but bears traces of earlier forms–each performer will leave one item on the stage to be incorporated into the following pieces.

About the Participating Artists

Heidi Biggs

Heidi Biggs is a second-year graduate student studying interaction design at the University of Washington. With a background in English Literature, ceramics, movement practices and web design, she is currently interested in embodied ways of experiencing interfaces and intersections of sound, movement, gender and technology. Her current projects include creating time-bending wearables for everyday cyclists which make climate change projections tangible and building wearable, electronic instruments that interrogate gender binaries.

Photo Credit: Raquetball Score by Heidi Biggs. Photo by Nat Mengist.

Meg Ess 

Meg Ess, a Seattle native, is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA degree with a major in dance and a BS degree with a major in biology. She is currently faculty at Washington School of Dance in Bothell and Snohomish, WA. Meg spends her time teaching, performing, and creating work in the greater Seattle area as an independent dance artist. Check out her website:

Photo Credit: Meg Ess. Photo by Warren Woo. 

Dora Gaskill 

Dora Gaskill is a performance artist and somatic movement educator in Portland, Oregon and a lighting designer and stage manager internationally.  She earned a MFA in Choreography from Roehampton University (2009) and a MA in Literature from Middlebury College (2015).  Dora is committed to supporting independent artists by crafting space and light. She teaches experiential anatomy, developmental movement, and lighting as an embodiment practice.

Photo Credit: N.E.W. by Dora Gaskill. Photo by AnkeSchuettler.

Julia Bruk 

Julia Bruk has crafted interhuman experiences through the lens of photography, cinematography, transmedia, curation, and community spaces for over a decade. Working in digital marketing the past 5 years, she’s become fascinated with how relationships built between digital vs. physical spaces create identities and moves societal structures. Interactive, social media powered dance installation “i[nter]face” will feature Alison Roberts, an interterrestrial dancer & textile designer, and Jegan Matthews, an intergalactic programmer & musician.

About the Guest Curators 

Ryan and Victoria Vinson-Jacobs met as artistic collaborators, creating dance, performance, and writing. They’ve gone on to collaborate in creating a home, a family, and a life together. They are in love and have a cat named Zak.

Ryan explores the creative potential of text as a rapper, writer, and designer. He’s released and performed music as sketch lightly, with Adam Prince as said the starling, and with Devin Bews. His dance collaborators have included Markeith Wiley (The New Animals), Rosa Vissers and HATLO (PE|Mo), Laura Aschoff, and Victoria Jacobs. In cross-discipline work, he’s found clarity, using metaphor and imagery to express and explore his personal relationship to identity and anxiety. The first iteration of his current project, o c e a n   c a n ' t   s w i m, was commissioned and produced by On the Boards’ NW New Works Festival. He also teaches Arts courses at Summit: Sierra High School.

Victoria has created and performed work in Seattle, New York, Vancouver BC and Tel Aviv, collaborating with a huge range of artists including Freya Wormus, Sheri Cohen, Aileen Passloff (Judson Dance Church), Shannon Stewart, Markeith Wiley, and Colemxn Pester. She has been teaching dance and somatic movement since 2004, and is a GYROTONIC trainer as well as a SPRe (Somatic Personal Resonance) bodywork practitioner. She is relentlessly curious and compulsively creative.

Photo credit: from Retrace, directed by Victoria Jacobs. Photo by Briana Jones