Co-curated by Charles Smith & HATLO

Performance Lab - An Augur: Future Visions Jan 15, 2020

Merrill Theater

Wed, Jan 15, 7 PM

In conversation with OtB's 19/20 season theme of In The Future's Wake, this meditative lab is called An Augur: Future Visions

An Augur: Future Visions features new work experiments, rituals, and divination practices that will invite the audience to read the patterns of the present to foretell the future. Augury was a pre-Roman empire practice of interpreting the flight movements of birds to divine omens, messages from the gods of what was to come. This event's selected artists will share their work developed in conversation with these themes; reflecting on the nature of time, engaging personal history to find healing paths forward, and discerning present trends to imagine possible futures. Since this Future Visions Performance Lab is concerned with perspective shifts that stir curiosity and new ways of noticing, the evening will also find these artists exploring non-traditional performance spaces and relationships to audience all over the second floor of the building. 

About the Co-curator

HATLO is a queer process babe, co-conspirator and wildcat who creates and facilitates new performance. They are a writer, director, performer, and dramaturg in collaborative relationships that develop unruly original performance experiments. Their performance and process work is a practice of love, survival and community that spans performance art, theater, dance, and community organizing. Recent and upcoming collaborations include: Markeith Wiley, Shontina Vernon, Timothy White Eagle, Brandon Simmons, stephanie lavon trotter & Fox Whitney/Gender Tender.

Performance Lab is a continuation of OtB's longstanding commitment to showcasing works-in-progress by artists from across the Pacific Northwest. Artistic risk is a cornerstone of OtB's mission & values: supporting new works by artists from our community is one of the most important ways we manifest this commitment. Each Lab includes a Q&A with the artists, who discuss their pieces and processes with the audience and each other.