OtB.TV Telethon 2021 Mar 17, 2021 to Mar 18, 2021



March 17 - 18, begins 5pm PST, 8pm EST
Nonstop for 24 - hours

OtB 2021 Telethon Media Kit


We are at it again! In celebration of affordable, accessible, quality art, OntheBoards.tv presents its third annual PBS-style Telethon exclusively on the Internet.

Join us anytime March 17 and 18 for a selection of OntheBoards.tv favorites, special guests, phone calls, and so, so, so many bananas. The $20,000 we raise will help make OntheBoards.tv free for the entire month of April.

It all starts with our pre-Telethon virtual kick-off party on Zoom. Click here to register, and join us at 4:30pm Pacific on March 17.

At the OntheBoards.tv Telethon YOU TURN IT ON! 

“A one-year individual subscription to OntheBoards.tv brings a wealth of high-definition — and high-quality — dance and performance.” - New York Times, 2020 

The need for affordable and accessible art at our fingertips became even more important in 2020 when COVID-19 hit, and we all had to stay inside.  

On the Boards met the onset of the initial panic of the pandemic with a gift. From March through June, we offered OntheBoards.tv FREE of charge to all visitors --scholars and housebound art lovers from over 25 countries around the globe! We Zoomed community screenings of performance from our friends’ living rooms. We added to the platform, we shared discount codes for subscriptions, and gave recommendations to our friends, we streamed videos during our own workdays because we needed ART. And new OntheBoards.tv users grew by over two thousand percent! 

We want to do it again! We want to make OntheBoards.tv free for the month of April- every April! That’s right we want to make every April going forward ART FOR ALL APRIL.  We want all the people who watched OntheBoards.tv for the very first time in 2020 to be able to share the service with their friends and their friends’ friends, and their friend's friends' friends. We want the world to know that contemporary performance is just a login away. 


OntheBoards.tv is your personal portal to high-quality contemporary performance - anywhere, anytime. Students in Kansas learn from artists in Japan, France, Argentina, Seattle, and New York. Curators in Berlin watch works from Walla Walla, Detroit, or Mexico City. Artists in Tehran are inspired by artists in Columbus. Humans all over the world enjoy this inexpensive way to engage with the wonderful complexities of contemporary performance and expand their thinking about the future of art.   

OntheBoards.tv rentals start at just $5, and annual subscriptions are only $50 (that’s less than $4.25/month). These rentals only cover a small portion operating costs in a typical year. We rely on the support of donors to keep this site functioning, the content growing, and the reach to new audiences building and strengthening. 



Guests and performances to be announced in the coming weeks, with a full 24-hour schedule dropping March 1. 



  • Text It! - Just text “GIVEOTBTV” to 443-21 
  • Call It! – Operators are standing by. Call 206.217.9886 x 1023
  • Internet It! – Make a donation on our Telethon website, as you watch it streaming on March 17th and 18th. Or head straight to our donation form by clicking here



Check out these amazing shout outs from The New YorkerThe  New York Times, The Guardian, New York Magazine, The Seattle Times, The Stranger, Crosscut, and  KUOW.  

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OtB 2021 Telethon Media Kit


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