Alice Gosti


Merrill Wright Mainstage

Be part of the show: a community ritual release of emotionally entangled objects 
Mar 25, 2-5 pm
FREE and open to the public 


17/18 Season artist Alice Gosti's latest project Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture (MDICAC) premieres at On the Boards Mar 29-Apr 1. A central question of the piece — Do objects imbued with so much of our worth start to take over and take on a life of their own? — will be addressed in part through a community ritual as immersive installation on the set. You are invited to join this community ritual at any time between 2-5pm on Mar 25 at On the Boards. 

To participate please bring an object of significance that you are ready to part with, but which has been hard to let go of for whatever reason. Participants will share the story of the objects with MDICAC performers who will witness and incorporate the story of these objects into the performance in abstract and nonlinear ways. To close the ritual, the released objects will be placed on the set to become a permanent part of the production for the duration of the show. 

Objects brought for the community ritual are a contribution to the project and will not be returned. Please do not bring furniture, glass objects or anything perishable.

The event is FREE and open to the public.