Solo: A Festival of Dance

Solo: A Festival of Dance

In 2018, On the Boards launched Solo: A Festival of Dance, featuring a diverse range of artists and choreographers working in the solo form. Risa Nagel, of Seattle Dances, called the festival “innovative, weird, laugh-out-loud funny, unsettling, and deeply thoughtful”.

The process of making a solo performance of any kind requires profound individual exploration and exquisite vulnerability on the part of the creator and the performer. On the Boards celebrates the thrilling opportunity of the solo dance as a form of personal expression and rebellion.

A single voice, a solo instrument, has the capacity to create a deafening gesture.

The 2020 Festival >>

Feb 20–23, 2020

The 2020 Solo Festival will include an evening-length program with performances created by five choreographers, as well as day-time and late-night programming co-curated by Dani Tirrell.

The 2018 Festival >>


Photos by: Naomi Ishisaka 


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