Solo: A Festival of Dance

Solo: A Festival of Dance


Solo: A Festival of Dance 
Oct 4-7, 2018

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The solo, a fundamental building block of making a dance, is particularly critical at this moment when so much of dance and contemporary performance is being called into question. It is important to refocus on the core of how we define dance as a medium and discipline. The solo is a choreographic form consistently taught to dancers. There is an art to composing a dance, a specificity to the arrangement of movement, a technique of representing various movements, and a notation system.

A festival allows viewers, audiences, and artists to access a variety of works in close succession. By pulling together multiple solos in a festival context, we begin to open up the space for conversations about how solos, the medium of dance, and contemporary performance are being defined and explored with curatorial and institutional practices.


This festival is curated by Artistic Director, Rachel Cook; Associate Producer, Clare Hatlo; and Director of Program Management, Charles Smith. Selection is based on the clarity of themes and concepts, the depth of the movement vocabulary, use of space and time, and the overall composition of the piece.  

Solo: A Festival of Dance is made possible this season with the generosity of lead donors Case Van Rij, John Robinson and Maya Sonenberg, and many other. For a complete list of supporters, visit



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Oct 4-7: Don't miss this wide-ranging exploration of a fundamental choreographic form. Featuring 16 artists from the U.S. and Canada.