Due to COVID-19, rental space is not available for the near future in compliance with the state’s Stay-at-Home Order.   We’re constantly re-evaluating the situation based on recommendations by Governor Jay Inslee around what is deemed safe and responsible.  The leadership at On the Boards takes COVID-19 very seriously.  We care deeply about our community and encourage you to protect yourselves and the people around you. 

While gatherings of groups of people are currently prohibited, live streaming events are on the list of essential activities.  If you have a live streaming event that would benefit from space usage or a rental inquiry at On the Boards for the future, please contact us at to tell us about your idea. 

Need space for a rehearsal, meeting, or performance? 

The need for affordable and professional spaces to create art is palpable in Seattle.  On the Boards wants its spaces used by community members more of the time! Rentals at the Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance are a service of OtB.  They are not curated, though priority is given to shows and events that align with our mission and values. 
For shows, events, or projects that are socially or civically inclusive, please contact us to discuss partnerships, co-production, or subsidized rental if rates are prohibitive. 



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