Performance Lab Dec 15, 2018

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Performance Lab: Five Intervals
Sat, Dec 15, 3pm

Since its founding On the Boards has hosted various performance series — such as Choreography, Etc., to 12 Min Max, and Open Studio — that allow local artists to share new works and works-in-progress. In the 18/19 Season we’re relaunching this program as the Performance Lab, a quarterly series that includes facilitated feedback for artists along with an opportunity for each artist to discuss their performance with the audience. There is an open call for performances and each Performance Lab will be curated by local artists and Charles Smith, Director of Program Management. Learn more about the Performance Lab

This Performance Lab is co-curated by artist Syniva Whitney and Charles Smith, Director of Program Management.

Performances by:

KT Kusmaul / Body Home Fat Dance (Portland)
Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Jesse Belle-Jones 
Dakota Camacho

About the participating artists

KT Kusmaul / Body Home Fat Dance

KT Kusmaul / Body Home Fat Dance: Weighted Bodies 

“Weighted Bodies” explores the way in which the emotional landscape is enacted upon the landscape of our fatness. Creating evocative movements that highlight jiggles, ripples, folds, mass, and softness of our bodies—codifying in movement the multidimensional meanings of fat and movement. 

KT Kusmaul (Portland, OR) is a fat, queer, genderqueer femme whose creativity has always been inextricable from community building. As the founder of Body Home Fat Dance, she is creating dance with fat community, increasing representation, and building opportunity for movement work within this under-represented group.


Jordan Macintosh-Hougham

Jordan Macintosh-Hougham: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
What strategies for communication arise when our walls are up? This roving movement piece actively engages with anxieties and coping mechanisms that arise while “performing.” A mylar emergency poncho covering the performer provides both a way to be concealed, and permission to open up. 

Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham graduated with a B.A. from Bennington College in 2016, and is currently based in Seattle. By hybridizing their experience with dance and video, and actively queering these forms, they create experiences that reshape boundaries, and support and encourage radical empathy. 


Jesse Belle-Jones (Kristi Krein)
Jesse Belle-Jones (Kristi Krein): Artemis

Jesse Belle-Jones (Kristi Krein) presents a long-form burlesque piece depicting the Greek myth of Artemis and Actaeon. It incorporates puppetry, striptease, pantomime/melodrama, and soundscape among other elements. The story is told with the (single) body from the perspective of several characters/presences: a stag, moonlight, Actaeon, and Artemis. 

Jesse Belle-Jones is a post-disciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA focusing on movement and cabaret. She has taught, performed, and co-produced critically acclaimed material at venues across North America and in the United Kingdom. Her collaborative affiliations include UMO Ensemble, Studio Current, Taylor Mac to Carolee Schneemann and beyond.

Photo: Meneldor Photography


Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho

Dakota Camacho: MALI’E — higher infinite power healing our people 

movement . activation . lyrics . intuition . evocation .

MALI'E is an ongoing investigation into the contemporary expressions of the ancestors. 

A call-and-response to the spirit of the griot. It’s research towards spiritual solidarity oriented towards relationship and responsibility. How do we approach hip hop as a sacred space?

Born and raised in Coast Salish Territory, Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho's work weaves knowing from both their bloodlines and the diverse lineages that inform their indigenizing journey. Dåkot-ta grounds their creativity in ancestral life ways to span the realms of ritual activation, performance art, installation, contemporary indigenous movement, and cultural responsibility. 




HATLO: this is between us

In collaboration with video designer Mel Carter and visual dramaturg MKNZ, this is between us is a meditation on queerness, spatial proximity, cataclysm and survival. this excerpt contributes to a larger project called what mountains end developing in 2019. 

HATLO is a queer performance maker based in Seattle. Focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary, original work that disrupts dominant narratives, they most often work as a writer, director, dramaturg, performer and co-conspirator. Upcoming collaborations include: Markeith Wiley, Shontina Vernon, S Trotter, and C Davida Ingram. 


About co-curator Syniva Whitney

Syniva Whitney

Syniva Whitney is an artist creating performative experiences that combine theater, dance and visual art. Syniva’s queer multiracial non-binary point of view is at the heart of their performance project, Gender Tender, for which Syniva creates experiences that investigate the nature of queer and transgender personal relationships and histories as well as the surreal nature of transformation, trauma, and healing. Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender engages a team of artists trained in Syniva’s unique methods modeled on the structures of sports teams, sitcoms, and riots. Technical and conceptual focus combine to engage performers and audience in the dance of intellect, embodiment and radical compassion. Their work aims to disintegrate binary thinking for all participants.

Syniva Whitney was awarded the 2018 Artist in Residence position at Velocity Dance Center. Their performance work has been commissioned and produced by On the Boards’ NW New Works Festival and Solo Festival; Velocity’s Next Fest NW and Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation; the Seattle International Dance Festival; Yellow Fish Epic Durational Performance Festival and was selected for the inaugural season of Seattle’s Gay City Arts. Their work has also been presented in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland OR, Chicago and San Francisco. Syniva has exhibited their visual art and screened their short films nationally. They have an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Their current project MELTED RIOT, a queer meditation inspired by the Stonewall Riots of 1969, is supported by the Velocity Dance Center Artist in Residence program.