Fracé | Yousefzadeh

The Life Model
Jan 14 - 16, 2016

OtB_Frace Yousefzadeh_Composition by Zeina Barakeh

$25 week of show • BUY TICKETS Merrill Wright Main Stage

Thu – Sat | Jan 14 – 16 | 8pm
Sun | Jan 17 | 5pm

Four friends cross paths in Cairo before and during the transformative 2011 revolution:

Ali, a young activist;
Muna, a video artist;
Gabriella, an expat doctor;
and Henry, a visiting artist on an expensive commission.

These four very different friends struggle with personal and political transformation as the energy of the revolution ripples throughout the world. Artistic mediums and perspectives seamlessly merge, creating a collective portrait of risk, fear, hope, and love.

The Life Model is a collaborative project created by actor/director Jeffrey Fracé and director Pirronne Yousefzadeh; in collaboration with associate director and co-writer Julia Sears, video artist Zeina Barakeh, choreographer Pavel Zuštiak, performers/writers Gisela Chípe, Ahmad Maksoud and Maha Chehlaoui, and composer/violist Christian Frederickson (co-founder of the band Rachel’s); with set design by David Barber, costume design by Deborah Trout, and lighting design by Cecilia Durbin.

The Life Model is supported by the OtB Performance Production Program.


*Please note that cigarettes will be smoked during this performance, and a fog machine will be used on-stage.