Mar 16 - 18, 2017


$23 | 25 week of show • BUY NOW 8:00PM • Merrill Wright Mainstage

Thu – Sat | Mar 16 – 18 | 8pm
Sun | Mar 19 | 5pm

Audacious choreographer and sorceress Jessica Jobaris leads a congregation of willing pranksters on a mission to define the riddle of existence. Exhibitionism, ritual, wild dancing, and a willingness to jump from a hypothetical cliff lead them (and us) on a quest into the human condition. How can we unravel the human tragedy, making sense of life and loss? Teetering on the verge of hilarious and profound, the intergenerational cast attempts to heal itself by any and all means necessary. It’s a new church for the new millennium, and everyone is invited.

Jessica Jobaris has been choreographing and performing for over 20 years throughout the EU and across the US and Canada. She’s lived and worked in Berlin, San Francisco, and New York City, but calls Seattle home. She is the creative director of General Magic, a collaborative collective that nurtures risk, mystery, absurdity, sensation of the body, and emancipation through imagination. Her mission is to raise the importance of empathy for modern audiences and theater, to initiate adventurous communication with each other and our ancestors.

Read an interview with Jessica by Ambassador Writers Corps member Natalie Singer-Velush.

A Great Hunger is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.