Feb 27: Performance Lab Feb 27, 2019

$10 • Get Tickets The Studio Theater

Performance Lab

Weds, Feb 27, 7pm

In the Studio Theater 

New this season, Performance Lab is a continuation of OtB's longstanding commitment to showcasing works-in-progress by artists from across the Pacific Northwest. Artistic risk is a cornerstone of OtB's mission & values: supporting new works by artists from our community is one of the most important ways we manifest this commitment. Each Lab includes a Q&A with the artists, who discuss their pieces and processes with the audience and each other. Performance Lab is curated by Charles Smith, OtB's Curatorial Administrator. This Performance Lab will take place in the refurbished Studio Theater. We will host a short Q&A with the artists at 7 pm, before the performances begin. Learn more about the Performance Lab


Tommer Peterson 

Tommer Peterson is an independent theater artist and designer.  He is currently at work on a new movement play, City of Refuge, and a documentary work with KJ Sanchez, You Are Here.  In 2019 he is touring with the 600 Highwaymen production of The Fever that will be performed at La Mama in New York in April and at the Spoleto Festival in June. 

City of Refuge is a movement-based piece, based on interviews conducted with recent immigrants and refugees, that examines the experience of people in flight. "To tell the truth, the biggest thing I was scared of was the humans at the time…”


Harmony Wolfe 

Harmony Wolfe is a choreographer and art historian living in Seattle. She has a BA in dance and art history from Hollins University. She has shown her choreography in places including New York City (Judson) and Salt Lake City (Mudson) and was one of the mothers of danceSTORM, a women-supported dance festival in Riverside, CA.

Artist Lending Library is an experiment in curing loneliness through an intimate performance. I share my passion and enthusiasm for dance through language and movement with a volunteer in a one on one conversation and teach them a small movement phrase.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Rector 

Peter Kohring

Peter Kohring (they/them pronouns) is an experimental artist, dancer, and choreographer. Peter identifies as trans, queer and disabled artist. Dance to them is a channel to invest in the stories that need to be told, to capture attention and to promote well being through art. Peter graduated from The University of Washington (class of 2018) with a double degree in dance and psychology and is currently working for the non-profit Solid Ground as a diversion specialist, specifically working with folks experiencing homelessness.

how to write your narrativeIf someone asked you to write your narrative what would it say? This is the story of a young person coming to terms with their demanding need to find the "right way" to talk about themself, while simultaneously finding no part of life is without subjectivity. 

Photo Credit: Warren Woo

Smitty Buckler

Smitty Buckler is a visual artist who became a spoken word artist and then a performing artist. Buckler's work is often interdisciplinary. 

Oratio Imperata Sexualis Lustitia is a discourse on sexual justice. It is a speech, oration; eloquence; prayer; a collection, a sampling if you will, of sex worker’s voices on how anti-trafficking legislation impacts their daily lives. First a podcast then remixed interviews will be transformed into a dance expression on the Stage. More information can be found at OratioImperata.org