12 Minutes Max
Oct 28 - 29, 2012

12 Minutes Max

$8 at the door Studio Theater

Kate Wallich (Dancer/Choreographer/Director, The YC)
Eric Pitsenbarger (Writer/Visual Designer)
José Amador (Actor/Director/Playwright and Editor In Chief, Seattle Star)

Comedy and discomfort ensue in a visceral and brief performance by one man in one white suit with one unamplified guitar. Korby Sears of Seattle School morphs video, audio and lyrics (that may or may not be lyrics) in his one man band experience- Knee Play for Satan # 3. (Performance Art)

In her 12MM debut Brenna Fredrickson transforms the stage into the dark attic of your mind with her intriguing story Mable and Jarvis- a jumbled tale of desperate love and joyful loneliness. (Theatre)

Dancer and choreographer, Jamie Karlovich paints sound with her body as she dances Internal Monologue- a solo that parallels an internal complexity. (Dance)

Paris Hurley accompanied by her cassette player orchestra, brings her piece (____) enough to 12MM in continual exploration of shame and it’s role in a woman’s perpetuation of her own oppression. (Dance/Music)

Babette McGeady has created and choreographed two engaging and haunting worlds inside of her piece A possibility it won’t show. This experimental duet reveals two contrasting parts of humanity that become transformed by heartbreak.  (Dance)

Kaitlin McCarthy relives all her embarrassing pre-teen moments as she reverts back to her tween years during her piece Twelve (Queefs of adolescence), which addresses the expectations and cultural assumptions girls sacrifice themselves for. (Theatre/Dance)

During this meditative experience- Didged and Hanged- performer Serge Gubelman leads the audience though an up close and personal journey of exotic sounds and music. (Music)

Kate Wallich is the director and choreographer of the YC. She will be in an Artist-in-Residence with collaborator Lavinia Vago at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in January 2013.

Eric Pitsenbarger is an illustrator, writer and performer. He most recently illustrated a caricature series of dancer/choreographer Wade Madsen and Cabaret singer Julie Cascioppo, as well as acting as “Pope” during the opening night of NW Film Forum’s Local Sighting Festival. You can s ee Eric perform in the 2012 Men in Dance series and he will soon be mounting a show of paintings celebrating local performance luminaries as he finishes his memoir of growing up in a French restaurant.

Jose Amador is a Seattle actor, writer and director, recently turned editor and chief at the Seattle Star. Jose was recently the recipient of 14/48 Mazen Award. He also wrote Bottom Line- a short play for HOODIES UP, an evening of new plays to benefit the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Jose will be participating in the Seattle Playwright’s Collective Medicine Ball, directing a project with Brown Box Theater, and collaborating with Tacoma playwright Nick Stokes on a writing project and Stokes’ play Duels.