OTHER SHORES | zoe | juniper

When the COVID pandemic shook the world, zoe | juniper collaborative team reimagined a project to coexist in the virtual while being able to provide audiences the experience of physical presence, as if the viewers are in the same room with the dancer. This new multidisciplinary project, other shores, by zoe | juniper is composed of three distinct phases that are being thought about as ways to engage the body's senses--the virtual, the at-home kit, and the live installation performance. 

The collaborative team are building two distinct immersive installations; one tentatively called “solo” is seen from two vantage points, through a 360 VR experience on your screen or viewed as a durational performative installation from the outside looking in; the other tentatively titled “duet” is seen from the vantage point of lying down on the floor looking up at the performer moving around and through the space. Each installation maintains a unique approach for live performance and encourages thinking alongside matters of perception, relational power, rituals, multi-layered worlds, and spaces as a practice of both resistance and survival, exploring what dance and installation can do.

On Wednesday, December 9, 6pm PST, On the Boards & zoe | juniper will share a digital work-in-progress screening with excerpts from the residency, images from previous residencies at Jacob’s Pillow and more! Please join us for a lively discussion and sharing of this early development of a new work, other shores, by zoe | juniper. 

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