After roughly 36 years as a reliable and fairly democratic entry point to OtB’s programming, our dear performance lab, 12 Minutes Max, will take a hiatus this season as we experiment with a new way to give artists a flexible and evolving platform for testing new ideas in front of audiences. The Open Studio program will morph and shape-shift to allow for a range of projects to occur: a shared bill of dance, a new music cabaret, visual artists making a performance installation, three sets by three bands, a really long piece of performance art, or six to eight artists each performing twelve minutes or less of material. All projects must be self-contained and technically constrained. We’ll turn the lights on; artists must be prepared do the rest.

Open Studio dates and project descriptions will be posted throughout the year on our website. We plan to consider project proposals three times over the season. Buckle up.

Sat, April 4, 3:30pm #11 – Dance Perspectives
Sun, May 3, 3:30pm #12 – Artist as Parent - Part II
Mon, May 18, 7:30pm #13 – Retraces
Sat, May 30, 3:30pm #14 – Weaving In and Out
Sat, June 27, 3:30pm #15 – End of Season BASH

Scroll through our performance calendar to see the Open Studio #1 - #10 line ups.

For more information email Director of Program Management Charles Smith at

FALL 2014 | applications no longer being accepted
WINTER 2015 | applications no longer being accepted
SPRING 2015 | applications no longer being accepted

Studio Theater
Technical Specifications [PDF]
Ground Plan [PDF] • Section Plan [PDF]

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