NW NEW WORKS FESTIVAL 2018: Showcase 3

Studio Theater
Fri, Jun 15 at 8 pm | Sat-Sun, Jun 16-17 at 5 pm 




Boon: o c e a n   c a n ‘ t   s w i m   [part 1]
(Music/Theater | Seattle)
Rap verses wrap ‘round a modern myth of rhythmic prose—the story of a man, his anxiety, and his developing relationship with the ocean.

Ryan Vinson-Jacobs explores the creative potential of text as a rapper, poet, and designer, in collaboration with musicians, dancers, and theater artists. He’s released and performed music as sketch lightly and as a part of said the starling, and danced with The New Animals, PE|Mo, and Victoria Jacobs. He has worked with directors who pair text with kinesthetic and emotive drama, and created solo performances that cross disciplines. Never feeling entirely anything, he’s always existed in the overlaps. In the cross-section of concepts, he’s found clarity, using metaphor and imagery to not only reflect on and express his personal struggles with identity and relationships, but also to improve his understanding of these experiences.

Devin Bews. Since graduating Cornish College of the Arts in 2009, Devin Bews has been exploring the expression of music and rhythms through jazz and electronic music while accompanying a variety of bands and dance projects around Seattle and New York City. Over the past few years his extensive studies in electronic music has led him to some opportunities to work with video game app developers in making sound effects and sound tracks, creating beats and moods with dancers, and performing his own distinctive work as a soloist. You can find out more at www.dbews.com and follow his instagram at @devinbews.

Pam Tzeng

Pam Tzeng: “SHE and...he” by Jo-Lee
(Performance/Dance | Calgary, Alberta)
SHE who discovers, embodies, and confronts the ‘asian mystique’...and he who holds the world with wonderbread existence. Pleasure and shame climax to transform Jo-Lee (and John’s) questionable reality.

Pam Tzeng is a Calgary based choreographer, performer, curator and movement educator. A biologist turned dance artist, her journey has taken her to create and perform across Canada, Europe, Taiwan, United States and Brazil. Known for creating visceral and animated performances, her practice integrates tools and perspectives from various artistic worlds: contemporary dance, clown, puppetry, theatre and performance art. Coloured by her identity as a Canadian born Taiwanese woman, Tzeng’s work examines the negotiation between cultural borders and the tensions between traditional and contemporary mores within the Canadian “mosaic”.

Tzeng’s choreographies have been presented in diverse festivals and contexts across Canada and was featured last year at Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance Portland, OR. Upcoming projects include: Creation a new ensemble work titled That ch*nk in y/our armourfor CanAsian KickStart Festival 2018 (Toronto) and premiere of a full evening of Jo-Lee works at the International Festival of Animated Objects 2018.

Tzeng works as a performer, collaborating with independent choreographers and performing arts companies. She is the co-founder of to the AWE – A series of live art and performance, is an active artist producer and advocate for contemporary dance and performance in Alberta.

Eli Steffen

Eli Steffen: War 
(Performance | Seattle)
War is an exploration of how we construct masculinity and whiteness through a reimagining of the card game War. Using faux-rituals around a deck of “socialization” cards, Eli and an audience member will play until the game is won. What does winning really mean and how far are we willing to go to finish the game?

Eli Steffen is a Seattle-based artist whose work focuses on the intersections of community, culture, and identity. Eli seeks to understand what binds us together and how that relates to personal representation, violence, and belonging. Most recently Eli has performed with Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender, the A.O. Movement Collect, Future Husband, and Vanessa Dewolf. Eli is a founding member of Future Husband, an international performance collective. Eli’s work has been shown at Dixon Place, The Martha Graham Studio, Richard Hugo House, Seattle City Hall, and the Museum of History and Industry. 


Malicious Allure

Malicious Allure: Unladylike
(Dance/Performance | Seattle) 
A reminder to the world: femininity is nothing to be mocked nor provoked.

Malicious Allure is a voguing and waacking collective founded by choreographers and educators Tracey Wong and Keelan Johnson. Tracey and Keelan seek to continue to enhance the growing voguing/waacking scene in the Pacific Northwest by providing classes focusing on solid foundation and sharing the rich history of these dance styles.

Malicious Allure was formed in 2016 and continues to push creative boundaries through their love of dance, theatrics, and fashion. With a diverse collective of individuals and movement, Malicious Allure brings a fresh perspective into their performances. You will never catch them following trends, but will see them at the forefront as trendsetters.

Facebook: MaliciousAllure
Instagram: @maliciousallure


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