NW New Works Application and Guidelines

The Festival is dedicated to the presentation of new performances and preference is given to works that are currently in development or have not been produced fully in the past.

Artists residing in WA, OR, ID, MT, British Columbia & Alberta, Canada may apply.

All works must be 20 minutes or less and must be appropriate for production as part of a festival. Keep in mind if you are selected that you will be sharing the space backstage with three other performers/groups in the showcase and storage space is minimal.

Application deadline – October 29, 2018
Applicants will be notified in December 2018

On the Boards will provide festival artists with existing light and sound equipment, staff support, an honorarium from $300-$500 US, and a travel stipend (if applicable). Travel stipends and honorarium will be determined based on need, travel distance, and size of performing company.

The festival lineup is curated by a panel of peer artists and administrators from across the region.

Canadian applicants, please note!
On the Boards is unable to provide a P1 visa to perform in the Festival. We’d love to have you here but please check for any issues you may have crossing the border.

If you’re accepted, you will need to:
Sign a contract confirming your participation in the Festival and your honorarium amount.

Set up two meetings to discuss your project by mid-February. One with Festival Director, Charles Smith, and one with Production Manager, Mark Meuter.

Provide at least three photos (minimum 4x6 inches, 300 dpi) for brochures, press, and website promotion.

Present your piece at a closed rehearsal, no-tech preview in mid-May. (Other arrangements can be made for out of town artists.)

for intimate works
Technical Specifications [PDF]
Ground Plan [PDF] • Section Plan [PDF]

for larger scale works
Technical Specifications [PDF]
Ground Plan [PDF] • Section Plan [PDF]


Please note that the application cannot be saved and must be completed in one session. If you need more time, work on answers in a separate document and cut and paste into the application when completed.

Proposed project descriptions and work samples are typically the most heavily weighted parts of the application.

Help the panelists visualize what the audience will be seeing: Is a specific kind of movement being used? Is it funny/dramatic? Are there set pieces? costumes? only half the stage lit? five live musicians? Is there a story to it? Describe what your work is — not the philosophy behind it. You don’t need to repeat information you provide elsewhere in the application (like the title or length of the piece).

Be sure to choose documentation that best spotlights your work in the context of what you are proposing for the Festival.

Suggestions for work samples are: A) Video of finished work, B) Video of rehearsal of the proposed work, C) Audio files of collaborating composers or musicians, D) Sketches of Costume Design and/or Set Design, E) Script or text for proposed work.

A sample of both the proposed work and completed past work is typically very helpful in assessing your application.

You may include a total of 5 minutes of completed past work and an additional 1-2 minutes of a rough work-in-progress sample. If your proposal includes multiple collaborators coming together specifically for this project, you may include one work sample per collaborator. If it is a group that has worked together before, a work sample of your past joint efforts is preferred.

Please include a hyperlink to Vimeo or YouTube, with any applicable password. Include a timecode to start/stop at if you'd like the panel to view a section of a longer video.

For each sample please provide:
1) Title/Date/Location of work sample
2) A brief description of each clip/track (such as finished performance or rehearsal footage)

Please enable videos for download if possible. We suggest HD resolution videos that can be viewed in full-screen format.

Provide hyperlinks to audio files, sketches of costume/set designs, text/script of proposed project.

For each sample please provide:
1) Title/Date/Location of work sample
2) A brief description of each work sample (such as rehearsal footage or costume sketches)

Questions: Contact Charles Smith




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