Employer Matching

 Employer Matching 

Increase the impact of your gift and continue to support fearless art and ideas in Seattle. Many employers sponsor a matching gift program and will match contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.  


How can I find out if my employer matches gifts? 

The University of Washington provides a useful search engine for determining if your employer has a matching gift program. Type in the name of your company and you’ll be directed to pages supplying the policies and forms specific to your employer. 

How do I get my employer to match my gift? 

You can request an employer match for your charitable gift through THREE easy steps: 

1) Contact your HR department to determine instructions for submitting a matching gift

2) Determine the amount that you are eligible to have matched, which is the amount you have paid to date minus the fair market value of thank you gifts received this year

3) Designate your matched funds to On the Boards. Our non-profit registration number is: 91-1081983 

If you are a monthly donor, your gift can be matched in one of two ways: 

1) Submit a matching gift form for each month's installment  

– OR – 

2) Submit a matching gift form when your installments have completed, or once a fiscal year

Questions? We are happy to help! Call our Director of External Relations, Samie

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