NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue Jun 15, 2017

NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue

Moving through strange worlds an alien and a believer seek refuge, an artifact, and understanding. Join us for <sic> by Mother Tongue, part of the NW New Works Studio Theater Showcase this Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 17! 


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NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond Jun 14, 2017

NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond

Môj Gidget by writer/director Julie Hammond is centered on a California-born Jew who travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Featuring pop music, dentistry, and a family story that can’t be told, come see it June 16-18 in the Studio Theater Showcase in the final weekend of NW New Works!

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NW New Works 2017: Ella Mahler Jun 13, 2017

NWNW 2017: Ella Mahler

In the NWNW Studio Showcase this weekend (June 16-18), Really, it’s this. by choreographer Ella Mahler presents two dancers who sort through any and all strategies in their search for “this” – an ever-changing, perhaps never-arriving solution or answer.

Really, it's this. is the final installment of a 3-piece series; the first two works include:

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NW New Works 2017: Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender

Architectural drag. House-flipping dance. A shapeshifting crew transforms the space. Join us this weekend in the Mainstage Showcase of NW New Works (June 17-18) for The Renovation by Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender — a queering of the past and future of On the Boards as well as the developing landscape of Seattle. 


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NW New Works 2017: Petra Zanki Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Petra Zanki

In the NW New Works Mainstage Showcase for June 17-18, three dancers recollect objects of the remaining world in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. A blanket, a wind-up toy, a climbing harness, a sweater from 1978, and a jar of peppermints — how do they relate? 

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NW New Works 2017: Wade Madsen Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Wade Madsen

Weekend 1 of NW New Works was an exhilarating whirlwind of performances from 8 standout artists from Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC — are you ready for 8 more? Weekend 2 is almost here! 


Wade Madsen and 17 performers of all ages bring a dance to the Mainstage that captures the essence of what it is to be human and to look at life unfolding. 

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