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More on Pappa Tarahumara Feb 7, 2007

We just posted the English translation of our audio interview with Artistic Director *Hiroshi Koike* in the reviews section of the blog. Thanks to *Maika Misumi* and *Michael Katayama* for conducting and translating the interview!

Thanks also to *Sasha Su-Ling Welland* who gave a great Pre-show Talk on opening night. Sasha provided us with a quick history of the evolution of the modern girl in Japan...


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Pappa Tarahumara: Interview with Hiroshi Koike Feb 5, 2007

For this show, we invited Seattle-based choreographer/dancer Maika Misumi and her husband Michael Katayama to interview Pappa T artistic director Hiroshi Koike in Japanese.

If you speak Japanese, you can listen to the interview here

If you don't speak Japanese I encourage you to read the English transcript of the audio interview... especially if you saw the show.


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Pappa Tarahumara: Three Sisters Feb 2, 2007

Welcome to our blog for Pappa Tarahumara: Three Sisters! Leave a comment and give us your thoughts on the show or rate the existing reviews by clicking on the stars to register your opinion.


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Pappa Tarahumara reviews from the press Feb 1, 2007

Read these excellent reviews from opening night:

Seattle Times

Seattle PI


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NWNW Fest 2007! Feb 1, 2007

We just announced the eighteen artists/companies slated for the 2007 Northwest New Works Festival!

Save the dates! JUNE 8-10 & 15-17, 2007

The festival is a 24-year old tradition for the region’s creative community, featuring emerging and established artists from a variety of performance disciplines. This year 18 companies were selected from almost 70 applications.

This was the most competitive applicant pool in memory.


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Pappa Tarahumara: Eat. Sex. Disguise. by Luke Allen Feb 1, 2007

The fight of the grotesque monster consumer, endlessly Trying to be the "Face of the Times".Appropriation extraordinaire, the disguise of the modern amusement facade.

The face book, in an endlessly repeating mirror hung on the skin to watch wilt as it's passed over by another trend.

The three sisters embodied the rushing, frantic, always changing culture eaters of the ever modern consumer lifestyle.

Trying to find sex or to use sex, to find food or to use food. They needed and they wanted, but I am not sure exactly what they wanted.

Maybe they wanted it all.

The elusive all.


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Pappa Tarahumara: blog finito by Jessica Jobaris Feb 1, 2007

Vaudeville dolls, unsexy mime, cartoons and hypnotic flash-dance, with fart effects. What more could an audience ask for?
Maybe less digression, although i debate and doubt myself, thinking maybe digression was the point. This futile topic about how modern woman can integrate in society sans sex or in full acceptance of her sex is just a round table discussion that moves in that order.. repeatedly around and around. The Buffoonery, cartoon soundtrack and overused placating innocence were the re-occurring cliche themes I saw, and maybe I'm not diggin' enough.


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Allen Johnson: "Another You" gets Another Review Jan 31, 2007

Allen's show was mentioned in an Under The Radar review in Variety! posted by Sara

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