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Theatre Replacement: Brazen in Title, Modest in Ambition <font size=2>by Bret Fetzer</font> Feb 22, 2007

Theatre Replacement's Sexual Practices of the Japanese has its moments: Audience interaction that turns into a giddy, giggling vaudeville; a sad encounter in a love hotel bthat spins towards embarrassed failure; a comically sniping argument about the virtues of different baseball statistics. But most of the show points towards something better that never quite arrives -- the intertwined stories never really gain any momentum; the description of a sexual assault on the subway never quite grips you emotionally; the Ichiro fandom never adds up to anything at all.


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PNB and Molly Scott/Jarrad Powell Feb 21, 2007

In April, PNB presents their "Celebrate Seattle Festival". OtB is particularly excited about the inclusion of  OtB alulmni Mary Sheldon (Molly) Scott and Jarrad Powell! The week-long program also features work by  Kiyon Gaines, Robert Joffrey, Merce Cunningham, Val Caniparoli, John Alleyne, Sonia Dawkins, Jacqueline Fuentes, Toni Pimble, Donald Byrd, Trisha Brown, Christopher Stowell, & Paul Gibson.

We thought it would be exciting to have Lane Czaplinski  interview Peter Boal about this new program for PNB:


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I heart links (sausage, too) Feb 16, 2007

How about a little pre-12mm study guide? Here you go.

Here's where I work. Here's where Eric works. We LOVE art! It's true!

Here is Eagle Quest

Tom Blood - here and here

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More Loaded Rifles Feb 16, 2007

Wow, you're so smart to remember that Chekov loaded rifle quote. I am so excited about the BMX ballet! The video from last year's NWFF Bike-In was great - and I like to see the OTB sidewalks used for more that loitering smokers.

I was talking to Mike Pham, of Helskinki Syndrome. His tech is at 9 freaking 30 A.M. So if he looks sleepy when you see him singing "We Didn't Start The Fire" at karaoke after Sunday night's show, that's why.

Ok. I need to feed our child some dinner now. Blog less, parent more. Parent smarter, not harder? Blog harder, not smarter?

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12 Minutes Magic Feb 15, 2007

Here's the link to Brendan Kiley's Stranger Suggests posting:

It's for Monday--remember the show's on Sunday too.

So, the show.  It's got  lots of dance, people new to OtB and familiar faces.  It's got a poet from Portland, Tom Blood, playing with  members of the Watery Graves.  (We saw Tom Blood on a bill Matthew Stadler put together at Elliott Bay Books.

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Allen Johnson's triumphant return to OtB Feb 15, 2007

We are super-excited to announce that Allen Johnson will be back at OtB with a special one-night-only reprise of Another You on March 16th. Since premiering at OtB and PICA in the fall of 2005, the show has travelled to Iowa, Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York City and just finished an amazing run in Glasgow, Scotland.

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You're not lame, Sweetie. You just don't know what people really want. Feb 15, 2007

They want gifts and prizes! Right?

I no longer feel a need to sing an introduction song, but if I have my druthers, there will be audience gifts. Nothing big. Just something nice. Like a beer. Or a new key ring. Or a pet rock! Maybe Eric won't even have to know. Maybe I will just sneak them in - and between you and me - you might find something awesome under your chair.

I am really excited about this weekend. Yesterday, I was walking through the museum and, well, I just had to give Ben Miller (of Eagle Quest) a hug.

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Feb 12MM Thoughts - Curated by Eric Fredericksen and Betsey Brock Feb 14, 2007

Betsey and I agreed (actually, asked) to guest-curate an episode of 12 Minutes Max for a number of reasons, most reducing to the unvarnished fun of the evenings. We were curious to see some new work by new faces, and we had some ideas for artists to invite to audition. The result of the audition is four or five artists who've never trod On the Boards, some favorites from seasons and festivals past trying out new work (under new names), and one ringer--I'll get to all that in later posts.

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