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Box Office closed Thu, Sep 16 Sep 16, 2010

OtB's Box Office will be closed on Thu, Sep 16, while the staff prepares for The French Project opening. Subscriptions and single tickets will still be available online and the box office will reopen on Fri, Sep 17.


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The French Project at NW Film Forum Sep 15, 2010

OtB staff past and present - including Sara Edwards, Erin Jorgensen and Charles Smith - will be kicking off NW Film Forum's 10/11 Live at the Film Forum Series with a brand new show from the The French Project . What's The French Project? From Erin:

"Imagine Serge Gainsbourg driving a '68 Peugot with Helen Reddy riding shotgun, while Harry Nilsson & Francois Truffaut play poker in the back seat with Boris Vian and Edith Piaf. Now you're starting to get it."


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Fall Art Previews Sep 15, 2010

The Seattle fall art previews are coming out! You can read up on OtB events as well as check in with all the other art events around the city:

The Stranger
(on Christian Rizzo: "...I suppose he sounds a bit like a god.")

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10/11 previews from the NY Times Sep 13, 2010

The NY Times just released their guide to the new season. While much of it is NYC centric, a few OtB performances get called out:

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OtB gets a new banner Sep 10, 2010

Yesterday we installed a new banner (and by we I mean the talented and fearless Sean Ryan). The photo comes from one of OtB's 10/11 performances (L'Effet de Serge by Philippe Quesne | Vivarium Studio) and the design is by Erin Jorgensen.

See below the cut for photos of the installation.

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Badminton Royale - Official Bracket Sep 9, 2010

Badminton Royale bracket

[Click here to see a larger version and make predictions!]

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