zoe | juniper: the devil, you know... Apr 25, 2008

by Tania Kupczak

Zoe Scofield is an artist so fierce that, although her intensity is sometimes frightening, you are drawn to her, cannot take your eyes from her or from the art she is creating. No mater if she sits still, one hand raised, or if she suddenly transforms into a praying mantis, or if she is moving across the stage, across the stage, across the stage in leaps and strange formations, she is riveting and somewhat terrifying. The demands she places on herself are intense both emotionally and physically. She clearly inspires, and will only accept the best and deepest emotional and technical work from her dancers. They seem more than willing to delve and deliver. Part of The Devil You Know ”¦ contrasts Animalistic Wild Child with Debutantes in White Gloves. Sometimes the animals move in a pack, sometimes one will deviate, momentarily. Sometimes two will break free of the pack and dance alone. Wai Ching creates costumes that flow with every movement, which, considering the wide variety of movement throughout the piece is quite an accomplishment. he Wild Child wear has a distinctly organic feel. Perhaps Scofield’s insistence on digging deep extends beyond her dancers, for the costume design feels deeply thought out in every aspect as well. Morgan Henderson’s music for this piece is hypnotic and foreboding. The music adds much to the already highly pitched ensemble. I found myself wishing I could buy the soundtrack in the lobby so that I could feel the feverish velocity and precision of this group at will. Finally, let me say that Juniper Shuey provides the most subtle, subcutaneous and effective video work I have ever seen incorporated into a live performance. The partnership between Zoe & Juniper is immensely satisfying. Scofield has said how seeing great artists at a young age was a mind blowing experience for her. Though many parents might blanch at exposing their young ones to this kind of intense emotional and psychological work, I would love to bring my seven-year-old daughter to see Zoe/Juniper. Her mind would be equally blown. - SJ Chiro