When the Voices Come: A Found Poem After Burning Doors Sep 29, 2017

by Daemond Arrindell

Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors

Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors (photo: Alex Brenner)


three rusted doors are centered on a blank white wall
the doors are closed
the doors are locked
the doors are not on fire

take off my shackles
i’ll teach you the freedom to love
it will begin with wailing
a cry is how we all find our own noise
when we find our noise together it will evolve into song
it will be a year before my no means anything 

there was no fear in prison
I missed the simple things like going for a walk
the fear came after

if you don’t talk through the big emotions
the pain will prick you
i tried to save a moth
moths live for just one day
i brought it home with me
it no longer feels pain

mother says people befriend the police but fear their neighbors
everyone is afraid, yet we each decide to what degree to submit to it

the face of a man often keeps people from loving him
the sufferings of children is needed to pay for the truth
it is how we create the fabric of human destiny
then rip it to shreds

when you believe you are alone,
everyone around you is an enemy 

in darkness and in light i write your name
on the sea of boats
on granted flesh
on the bare solitude
on the risk disappeared
i write your name 

i was born to know you
to write your name
and burn it into the door
now all that is left is song



Daemond Arrindell is a poet, playwright,  performer, and teaching artist who is moved most by art that challenges the status quo.



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