What you'll hear in our lobby during GERMINAL Sep 25, 2014

by Monique

Ambassador Theresa Crim partnered with Seattle-based creative director Strath Shepard to pull together a playlist for the OtB lobby during GERMINAL. The list consists of 52 songs - a song for each week of a calendar year, "each song represents a different aspect of building or destroying or transcending a civilization."

 Check out the playlist below and buy your tickets now to experience the magic yourself.

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1    Junya Watanabe    Fall/Winter 2014 runway show music    iPhone recording
2    Rotary Connection    "I am the Black Gold of the Sun"    Hey, Love
3    Shabazz Palaces    "Are you… Can you… Were you? (Felt)"    Black Up
4    Micachu & the Shapes with the London Sinfonietta    "Everything"    Chopped & Screwed
5    J Dilla    "Workinonit"    Donuts
6    Poppys    "Let the Sun Shine In"    Poppys
7    Dudley Moore    "I'm Bedazzled"    Bedazzled OST
8    Pink Floyd    "Heart Beat, Pig Meat"    Zabriskie Point OST
9    RAMP    "Daylight"    Come Into Knowledge
10    Timmy Thomas    "Why Can't We Live Together?"    Why Can't We Live Together
11    MF Doom    "Doomsday"    Operation Doomsday
12    Ponderosa Twins Plus One    "Bound"    Daylight
13    The Professionals    "The Godfather"    On Tour
14    Gang Starr    "Aiight Chill"    Hard to Earn
15    The United States of America    "Coming Down"    The United States of America
16    Flying Lotus    "Robo Tussin" (f/ Lil Wayne)    
17    Hugo Montenegro    "Spaceport"    Toomorrow OST
18    Serge Gainsbourg    "Requiem Pour Un Con" (excerpt)    Le Pacha OST
19    Françoise Hardy    "I Just Want To Be Alone (J'ai Coupé Le Téléphone)"    Alone
20    Plastic Bertrand    "Ca Plane Pour Moi"    Plastic Bertrand
21    Bow Wow Wow     "Go Wild in the Country"    See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy.
22    ESG    "Moody"    ESG
23    Art Ensemble of Chicago    "Theme de YoYo"    Les Stances a Sophie OST
24    Culture Club    "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (f/ Pappa Weasel)"    12" version
25    Sister Nancy    "Armagideon Style"    One, Two…
26    The Clash    "Ghetto Defendant (f/ Allen Ginsberg)"    Combat Rock
27    Past Lives    "At Rest"    Tapestry of Webs
28    Daniel Johnston    "I Had Lost My Mind"    (Recorded from the film The Devil and Daniel Johnston)
29    José Gonzalez    Untitled (Train)    Visionaire 53: SOUND
30    Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron, Fred Squire    "Lost Wisdom"    Lost Wisdom
31    Hamza el Din    "Ollin Arageed"    Eclipse
32    Pierre Henry & Michael Colombier    "Prologue"    Messe Pour Le Temps Present ... pour Maurice Bejart
33    Childbirth    "Sister Wives"    It's A Girl!
34    David Axelrod    "Holy Thursday"    Song of Innocence
35    The Winstons    "Amen, Brother" (on 33rpm)    7"
36    Madvillan    "Shadow of Tomorrow"    Madvillainy
37    Folkways: Street & Gangland Rhythms    "Riding Hood Boogy Man"    Beats and Improvisations by Six Boys in Trouble
38    Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death    "Style Wars II"    Drunk on the Blood of the Saints and Martyrs 
39    The Lost Generation     "The Sly, The Slick, and Wicked"    7"
40    Moondog    "All is Loneliness"    More Moondog
42    Brian Eno    "Golden Hours"    Another Green World
43    RZA    "Opening Theme (Raise Your Sword instrumental)"    Ghost Dog OST
44    Cocteau Twins    "Cherry-Coloured Funk"    Heaven or Las Vegas
45    Naomi Punk    "Gentle Movement Toward Sensual Liberation"    The Feeling
46    No Age    "Life Prowler"    Everything In Between
47    Vincent Gallo    "Goodbye Sadness, Hello Death"    Recordings of Music for Film
48    Women    "Eyesore"    Public Strain
49    Matmos    "Regicide"    The Civil War
50    Earth    "Mirage"    Hex; or Printing in the Infernal Method
51    TV on the Radio    "You Could Be Love"    Desperate Youth, Blood-Thirsty Babes
52    Pusha T    "Numbers On the Boards"    My Name is My Name