Wayward (Lumpy Space Princess) Apr 16, 2014

by Timothy Firth

The lights are brought low and your eyes slowly begin to adjust to the darkness of the theatre. At that critical moment when your mind wants to see clearly yet can’t quite make the connection between imagination and reality, a lilting voice creeps into your mind, letting you know that your life could be slightly better if only you were watching an Athenian space musical hosted by Lumpy Space Princess. 

And as it turns out that is exactly what you’re doing.  


The performance unfolds with Holcombe Waller as the voice of human progress engaged in a technological breakdown; systems are failing, and the control that once afforded the human condition access and information is being handed back to the unnerved individual. 

As we continue into the performance Waller (Lumpy Space Princess) reveals our historic dependance on technology from the crumbling pillars bellow our homes to the navigation system that pilots our travels through space. All the while asking the simple question where are we all going within our symbiotic biological and technological evolutionary history? 

The human characters were docile and despondent while Lumpy Space Princess shined with traits that humans most adore about themselves: humor, creativity, the concept of choice and oddly the ability (with the help of auto-tune) to modulate their voice to sound like a computer. 

Technology in this performance is presented as the Guide. The instinct in humans to create a Godhead fixture within our technological advancements to lead us in a constrained and meaningful path. We have been building, in the absence of a God, something that can watch over us, that can protect and tell us where to go. When the systems breakdown and our creation attempts to hand back to us the reins of Will, we find ourselves lost. 

At least that’s what I was thinking at the time.