Wayfinders Apr 15, 2014

by Willow Heath

Wayfinders by Willow Heath
Oil, acrylic, and ink on clay board.

This painting was inspired by Holcombe Waller's Wayfinders performance. Previous to the performance I wan not familiar with the musical artist Holcombe Waller. Personally this was a huge challenge as an artist who typically plans every inch of my paintings it was quite a challenge to produce a painting in 48 hours without forethought. I went away from The Wayfinders show with a series of words and images in my head, the message, inspiration, and imagery was so vivid and clear.

Some of the themes and words that helped shape this painting....

* Organic juxtaposed with digital.

* God as an organic being and god as a digital navigator.

* Our lost connections and our present inability to operate without technology.

* The colors red and blue.

* Where road meets horizon meets a digital highway.

* Feathers fluttering

* Digital maps

* If you do not go within you go without.

* "I use to be your god, I use to be your phone."

* Clean lines and cluttered minimalism


Willow Heath is a self-taught visual artist who has been exhibiting her paintings and instructing art courses throughout the Seattle area for over a decade. Willow's visual art is composed of vivid portraiture displaying Willow's keen eye for detail and love of saturated color. Willow's painting process involves personally mixing each of the colors for her paintings using the three basic primary colors, and white.  Willow is currently working on illustrating and writing her childhood tales along with teaching illustration and painting courses in various Seattle schools.  Willow Heath is a teaching artist who loves teaching art as much as she loves creating art, and views her teaching as an essential learning tool in her artistic process.  As a visual artist I craft my paintings from my personal inspirations, and as a teacher I guide my students through the building blocks to create their own inspirations. "I feel that it is very important to enjoy  the process of art as much as the outcome. With this in mind I design  a curriculum that reflect both the inspirational and academic qualities within the creative process.

Born in the remote Alaskan wilderness Willow Heath spent the early years of her childhood outside of civilization on her parents Yukon homestead. Willow's later childhood was immersed in arts and culture, as she traveled the United States with her artist mother. Willow attributes much of her current creative savvy to these childhood explorations and the inspirations. Willow has gained a reputation as the "storytelling artist", and weaves an Alaskan story into almost every class she teaches to young and old alike. "Everyone loves a well told story and it helps to ignite the imagination an focus the creative energy, even my high school students beg to hear an Alaskan adventure story."

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This painting and response to Holcombe Waller's Wayfinders a part of the OtB Ambassador Team 4 project: The 1000 Words Project