Want to know more about Alaska? Oct 29, 2009

by Jessica

Alaska  has toured to cities like NYC, Portland and LA and has received a fair amount of coverage. Below are links and the first sentence or 2 of the reviews from previous tour stops. "Diana Szeinblum’s "Alaska" is a searing trek over emotionally scorched earth – not an uncommon journey in the world of dance theater, but one Szeinblum navigates with fearless zeal." -danceviewtimes

"There are no igloos or Eskimos in Diana Szeinblum’s evening-length "Alaska." Rather, Ms. Szeinblum is intrigued by the idea of interior space, or the body as a container of hidden memories." -NY Times

"Contemporary dance has the difficult task of wrestling two historical conventions: the exoskeleton of drama (or, the story) and the endoskeleton of homogenous attitude (or style)..." -The Brooklyn Rail

"Argentine choreographer Diana Szeinblum’s new work Alaska is a raw and unapologetic piece of dance-theater that simultaneously inspires mystery, hope and a worrisome sense of helplessness (think of the voyeuristic discomfort of seeing Gena Rowlands’ unraveling in Cassavetes’ A Woman Under the Influence)." -Ultra PDX

"One of the fantastic things about dance is that it doesn't require translation. The emotions expressed in a successful dance performance come through clearly, regardless of where the work is created or performed. Though a few of us Pacific Northwesterners might argue the accuracy of the reference, the Alaska of Argentinean choreographer Diana Szeinblum's imagining is indeed 'that place we all know, but where no one has ever been.'" -Portland Mercury

"In 2002, the Argentinian choreographer Diana Szeinblum brought her Secreto y Malibu to DTW. Almost six years later, she returns with Alaska. The earlier work, for two women, was set in the courtyard of a house in a hot, arid landscape." -Village Voice