Vivarium Studio: it's official Apr 6, 2011

by Jessica

We are thrilled to announce that Vivarium Studio received their official visas this morning and will be arriving in Seattle to perform next week! 

We are sorry for the cancellation scare and are so thankful for the outpouring of support and advice that we received over the past few days. It is always hard work to bring artists through the border, but this was the first time in organizational history that a visa was denied. Although the reasons for the denial were clearly unfounded, we were continually told by immigration officers, lawyers and government officials that it would be truly impossible to reverse the visa denial for the artists. Our continued dedication to bringing artists of this profile kept us fighting and somehow we navigated what appeared to be a hopeless situation. (if you missed this all, read about our cancellation watch and visa updates or check out these articles from the Wall Street Journal and CultureBot)

We’ll be celebrating this show with $1 champagnes for everyone! Please join us in the lobby before each performance to a raise a glass to these artists.