Untitled Painting Responding to the Visual Condition and Stimulus of a Performance, No.1 Apr 3, 2014

by Dani Dodge

BeginAgain. Begin again. Begin. Again. Overload, release. Chaos, release. Pressure, release. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We can relate to the over stimulation, or over work, or over expending. It takes energy. And you have to find a way to recharge yourself. For you. I took a lot away from BeginAgain. Mainly reflection. I’ve had a recent series of events in my life that has allowed me the pleasure to begin again, and I’ve gotten dirty in the process. Sometimes it feels lonely, that others can’t relate to our journey through the ‘organic replenishing earth’. However, finding others, in the same place on a similar journey, isn’t too hard.


As an Army brat born in Germany, and raised in the ‘States Dani Dodge can finally call Washington her home. Planting here in Seattle has been electric for inspirations and motivations regarding herart. Dani's work is colorful, unlike the sky out here sometimes, but the whimsical tones of each piece are plenty to keep me entertained. For her tables, most of them are second-hand, repaired, painted, and then integrated into various homes. I think art that can be an interactive everyday object can be gratifying, not only to look at, but to use. Visual art isn’t my only shtick. I narrate audio books and am also active in the fringe theatre scene here in Seattle. I find criss-crossing my creative streams has only made each one stronger. Though the art and theatre communities can seem far away from each other at times, we are all doing the same thing—telling stories.

This painting and response to zoe | juniper's BeginAgain a part of the OtB Ambassador Team 4 project: The 1000 Words Project