November 12MM Nov 23, 2009

One of the most enjoyable things for me about this 12 Minutes Max showcase was the progression of pieces throughout the evening. Even though the five out of seven of the pieces are essentially solos, it doesn't feel like a solo-heavy show because three out of five solos involve video, a musical instrument and two puppeteers for the solo puppet. Another thing that caught my eye were the costumes. Jose Amador and Tamer Abdo were both modestly dressed, but each had their own powerful message.

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Upcoming 12 Minutes Max Nov 18, 2009

Curating this 12 Minutes Max was truly a pleasure, and I think we selected a knock-out line up. The best part about this 12 Minutes Max is the variety of performances. Not only do we have a variety of styles, like dance, theater, puppetry, and video/performance art, but also a contrast in mood and tone. Some pieces are hilarious, some eerie, while others are touching, beautiful, bizarre, and nostalgic. Tell yourself and tell your friends, don't miss it! - $12 for 12 Minutes Max Guest Curator Danny Herter

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12 Minutes Max and Olivier Wevers Oct 26, 2009

Jeremy at the SunBreak covered last night's 12 Minute Max:

12 Minutes Max, On the Boards' semi-monthly showcase of local performance talent, kicked off its new season last night with a program co-curated by Olivier Wevers (it plays again tonight at 7 p.m.; tickets $8). While there was plenty of great (and some not-so-great) work on display, overall the night felt like the latest installment of the rolling launch of Wever's anticipated new company, Whim W'Him, whose debut is at OtB this January...

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From the 12MM curators Oct 26, 2009

Wow -- last night's 12MM was totally awesome! All the performers were energized by the capacity crowd and we could tell from the enthusiastic applause that it was a crowd pleaser. As an extra bonus, during tonight's show the $12.00 for 12MM guest curator will be chosen right after intermission. The lottery is a great way to support 12MM and the winner will have the unique opportunity of experiencing first hand the process of curating a show. See you tonight -- come early.

- Michael and Chris Sannella, Curators

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Looking forward to 12 Minutes Max, October 25 & 26 Oct 5, 2009

We've been coming to 12MM for about ten years and were recently thrilled to be given the opportunity to co-curate a show. After a day of auditions, we worked with Olivier Wevers to put together an engaging show of dance, theater, and performance art. And we're looking forward to seeing it all again: an intriguing mix of stories, movement, music, sensuality, tulips and a harmonica.

- Chris and Michael Sannella

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OtB's (unofficial) big weekend of dance and theater approaches Feb 6, 2009

Next weekend OtB is presenting a full 5 days of art. That's right - 5.

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12 Minutes Max and NW New Works applications are here! Aug 27, 2008

That's right, you can now start thinking about your application for the NW New Works Festival and for the 12 Minutes Max showcases this season. Woo hoo!

The NW New Works application can be downloaded here [Word doc]

Deadline is Friday, October 31, 2008. More info here.

The 12 Minutes Max application can be downloaded here [Word doc]
Applications are due on the Friday one week and 2 days before the audition.

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Experience as a guest Curator for 12 Minutes Max – Blog #2 Jun 18, 2008

Both shows turned out great. By circumstance the first was on Father’s Day which we acknowledged and the second happened to be the first day that same-sex couples could be married in California[which are recognized in Washington State], which we also acknowledged. The performers were great in both shows, but in general they were a little more relaxed and into their characters in the second.

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Experience as a guest Curator for 12 Minutes Max Jun 17, 2008

I was guest curator for the last show of the season ending in 2008. John Wilson was my co-curator. Not having been a curator before I was apprehensive about doing it, but very thrilled as well since I have been a subscriber to OtB for years and have been going to 12 Minutes Max for years as well. I was so thrilled that I skipped plans to go to San Francisco’s Symphonies Black & White Ball, something I haven’t missed since 1981. John Wilson, my co-curator, is a very experienced teacher at Cornish who specializes in dramaturgy.

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12 Minutes Max Mar 13, 2008


live music
gender complexity
heartfelt storytelling
atmospheric theater
exquisite vocals
skilled dancing
chance and improvisation
technological dilemmas
penis stories

12 Minutes Max
March 16, 17

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