12 Minutes Max on Hiatus Jul 1, 2014

After roughly 36 years as a reliable and fairly democratic entry point to OtB’s programming, our dear performance lab, 12 Minutes Max, will take a hiatus during this 14/15 season as we experiment with a new way to give artists a flexible and evolving platform for testing new ideas in front of audiences.

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Hunt for Eggs at the April 12 Minutes Max! Apr 4, 2012

Join us Sunday, April 8th at 7PM in the studio theater for the LAST 12 Minutes Max of the season!  We will have an egg hunt with sweets, treats and drinks during intermission, so come with your bunny ears on!

Check out the amazing line-up and read about the curators.



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Moms to the Max May 6, 2011

In honor of Mother's Day we're offering $1 beers to any mothers who come to check out the show. It runs Sun - Mon, May 8 - 9, at 7pm. Tickets only available at the door! 

Check out the lineup here.


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kudos to on the boards... Mar 2, 2011

from Carie Esquenazi

I just saw the 12 Minutes Max last night and after the great combination of good old country music, an incredibly touching and heartfelt monologue, stewed tomato madness, guys and girls dancing in little black dresses and a man talking to (and then beating up) his little stuffed piggie, I had a revelation: On the Boards is my artistic defibrillator.

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Josephine's Echopraxia at 12 Minutes Max Dec 13, 2010

OtB's Charles Smith snapped a few shots of Josephine's Echopraxia (Marissa Niederhauser) during her intermission installation:

[Photos by Charles Smith]

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Costume contest at 12 Minutes Max this weekend Oct 29, 2010

We're celebrating Halloween at OtB this Sunday with a special Halloween edition of 12 Minutes Max. Check it out:

"...featuring a costume contest on Sun, Oct 31. The winner, chosen by the audience, will take home tickets to an upcoming OtB performance and will be entered to win the opportunity to guest curate the April edition of 12MM. And of course there will be candy."

To see the lineup, visit our 12 Minutes Max page. Tickets only available at the door!


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In memory: Bruce Wylie Sep 24, 2010

Bruce Wylie, a long-time force in the Seattle performing arts community, died July 2nd of pancreatic cancer. Bruce was a principal performer and co-artistic director of the Seattle Mime Theater from its inception in 1981, a time when Mime was a dynamic force in experimental theatre. As a creator, director and performer, Bruce was involved in the creation of dozens of original works that constantly pushed the boundaries of movement theatre.


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Apply for 12 Minutes Max Sep 1, 2010

Been working on a new performance over the summer? Have some ideas you want to try out in front of an audience? Apply for 12 Minutes Max!

Application is now available.


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12 Minutes Max in February Feb 5, 2010

This morning you may have received an email about the February events at OtB. If so, you might have noticed this gentleman in the 12 Minutes Max section:

Otis P Otis
[image by Diane Anderson]

Please meet Otis P. Otis of the A-hole Baryshnikovs.

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don't miss 12MM tonight! Nov 23, 2009

I'm proud the show flows so nicely. It surprised me how 'solo' and 'dance trio' the show is. Duh. Interesting that I had several artists in the evening comment to me how their piece felt out of place with the others. There is no place, which makes them all in place—an entertaining and stimulating place. Read: Bake You A Cake choreographed by Gabriel Bruya is a fifties fantasy dream kitchen with rustic American dresses and stiletto heals, sweeping the floor with sweet smiles, inviting you right in the eye. I could taste those cakes.

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