So Subversive It's Exciting Dec 6, 2013

by Richard Lefebvre

I was excited to see this because I know some of these people and I like them. Plus I saw the Improvement Club which was cool, so I knew I would like this. I did, too. It was totally beyond my expectations. In my opinion you can never have enough oddly comedic dance pieces about random senseless tragedy. This is so subversive it's exciting. If it was on Youtube I could see the comments being hateful and you would get monitored by the NSA and the department of homeland security. But in a theatre, it's performance art so anyone who is in a position to arrest you without charge and hold you in a secret prison is too busy monitoring facial recognition software spying on people's Facebook photos to go to any shit like this. Plus Sarah Rudinoff is mesmerizing, she's so brilliant you start to get pissed off at her. Everyone was really good. Those math rock dance deals where a gang of 'em are all right on money with those movements - I'm a sucker for that. Plus I didn't trust those ponytail guys right from the beginning, every time you start to warm up to them they get all prison rape on the guy, who, incidentally handled it with a certain amount of humility which was endearing. The Chaos part where the ponytail guys took their pants off redeemed them to a degree although I was watching Sarah Rudinoff a lot in that part. Anyway, these guys are geniuses, I totally know them, we even say hi and everything, plus Dayna seems to be getting out of the way and letting the universe take her where it will, to both of their credit.