Sister Taking Nap Apr 16, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

I went to see Wynne Greenwood's piece, Sister Taking Nap, at On the Boards tonight. I don't know too much about her work other than the fact that I should know more. I saw video of her performance work (which is kind of fitting) as Tracy + the Plastics but that's the extent of it. The set is minimal. Imagination: abundant. Humor is drawn from repetition and keen timing. In this piece she works with Gina Young, of TEAM GINA, who's arms are used by Wynne as both telephone and refrigerator door water dispenser. It's about change. Wynne is baffled by the changes in her napping sister who used to write poetry and now Wynne can't even find a single pen in her apartment. There is video, pre-recorded audio and plaster/papier-maché props. Towards the end, Wynne, Gina and some pre-recorded audio come together in an brief, mechanical, electro-pop snippet of a song where Wynne's distinct voice shines. Luckily for Seattle, Wynne has not taken the sisters' lead and she continues to foster her creativity. I look forward to future work. - Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger