Silly Putty becomes a Thing! Sep 26, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Four errant spirits becoming self aware within the vastness of space, extend their newly discovered powers of creation, test the limits of cause and effect, take a few wrong turns and finally reach the commonwealth of harmony, literally; all enacted with the blithe nonchalance and wry, mater-of-fact composure reserved for a very french epiphany. Adult in the delivery while steeped in childlike wonder.


Germinal gives us the fairy tale rendition of the Big Bang, composing a dreamlike document of just how it is that WE come to be and just what exactly WE can do with the these seemingly autonomous gifts of sentience. Poking, reaching, experimenting with and crashing (again, literally), through the designs of Universal truths, skipping over heady questions that fell mere mortals, these glib proto-gods make silly putty of the matter WE have come to exist within.


This is delicious mind candy that feeds and tickles the consistent hunger for knowing just what may lie beyond the veil of mystery, gives character to the omnipotent being WE suspect may be manipulating us all and posits the perfect, sardonic limit as to how far WE can go. From the comfort of a soft, bubbling swamp, giant leaps of human potential (and the desire to just chill-out), are tinkered with and built to ponder.


Take note of the bright lights that bath the audience as you find a seat, with the stage dark and a loose pile of performers splayed in shadow. The show has already begun and YOU are a part of the great mystery! As with the instruction of all great teachers, I found myself guided towards and then exposed to the miracle and infinite possibilities of all things great and small. Embrace your gifts of observance! 


Kudos to the magicians up there in the control booth. OTB Proto-gods.