Shrieking glissandos and kisses - the music of El Gallo May 11, 2011

by Jessica

OtB’s Sound Technician Julian Martlew has been working with El Gallo's string octet since Sunday and had offered more insight into the music. Describing it as full-on classical with postmodern techniques (such as bow scrapes and playing rhythm on the instruments), Julian said the original composition splits the musicians into 2 quartets who have 2 different sets of music. Its all held together by the conductor Gamaliel Cano who has been with the production for over 2 years and brings Paul Barker's music to life.

The score is embellished throughout with tiny details that most audience members won’t get to see. A favorite amongst staff: asterisks that symbolize places where the musicians make a kissing noise in addition to their bow movements. Plus shrieking glissandos, a technique where rapid scale passages are made by sliding over the strings.