Seattlest reviews chelfitsch, recommends upcoming OtB events Feb 4, 2009

by Jessica

The Seattlest review of chelfitsch starts out like this:
Before we even start getting into the coolness of chelfitsch's performance last weekend at On the Boards, we need to apologize for something: We try to make sure to let readers know about events in time to get tickets, but for the second time this season, OtB sold out before we started plugging. This is their 30th anniversary season, and the line-up has really rocked, so consider this your notice for the month.
And includes things like this:
But what's so hard to explain about it is that it's so good. It's intimate and real in way that seems completely at odds with the entire above explanation. Even in super-titled English, it's clear the actors are speaking a natural, hipster vernacular. The seem to be wearing street clothes. At intermission, you run into them smoking out front. It's as if a bunch of people just stood up out of the audience and decided to tell you funny stories about things that happened to friends of theirs.
There's a lot of insight into the Japanese hipster generation and mentions of the upcoming performances by tEEth and Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Read the full thing over on Seattlest.