Sanctuary Nov 9, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Nothing less than the total sacrifice of your identity, your past, the joys of family and comfort of any success. With only a desperate hope (and somewhat naive understanding of what lies ahead), armed with only the steel resolve of a soul's innate knowing, effecting nothing less than a complete evisceration of what is known, plunging into the dark across a sea of impossible change.

Stripped of dignity, the capacity for basic nurture and every coping strategy tested beyond what is humanly possible; striking out across the epic divide of Homeric landscape that either reshapes a person, or kills them: This is the experience of generations bent towards the vision of a better life, of Mexicans enduring a march towards a promise; of the long dark journey of the soul and of a larger society grappling with it's own ability for change. This is a conversation about compassion and strength. The diagram of an exodus and a mirror of our sense of being. What indeed, is the measure of the human spirit as we enter into the void and grapple with what comes next? Against what seem impossible odds, a desert of emptiness upon which we trudge one foot in front of the other towards a glorious promise? The beacon of one's desire projected ever forward, envisioned in the sanctuary of a city.

We are reminded through the parallelogram of Teatro Linea De Sombra's "Amarillo" of the vital nature of a person and of the luminous spirit that compels all of us past fierce opposition, past derisive labels, past perceived cultural divide, an unforgiving desert...past a gauntlet of catalytic, destructive reformation of being.

With every footfall and leap of faith documenting the harsh beauty of what it takes to 'make-it'; with a dream and a prayer, within the crisis of confidence a glimmer and a shape of a dream and with the boarder city of Amarillo Texas standing as symbol of new beginnings, a gateway physical structure and mechanism for the "American Dream" and OTB's stage the theatrical equivalent of nightmare dreamscape towards that beacon (the hallucinogenic road trip from one end to the other), we are witness to the migration of a people. Past the fear of failure, past the gulf of despair and towards something that resonates universally. It's something that we create for ourselves.

An example of colorful, potent required viewing for all those who seek the marriage of cross platform theater, "Amarillo" seamlessly constructs dimensional bridges between actor, classic stage craft, aural and video components and propelled me deeper, lifted me towards a more visceral experience. Thank you.