ride needed seeking other free couch to otb sbc fest tonight! $1 (lower queen anne) Sep 17, 2011

by ilvs strauss


if this show was a craigslist ad, i would totally respond to it.

interest piquing title, outstanding visual representation, not too wordy, and not a misspell or typo in sight. oh, and my friend totally got a ride from them/bought their old snow board/gave them their 7 year old cat cuz they were moving in with their boyfriend who was allergic so couldn't keep her so i knew they'd be good for it.

drifting thru this first rate festivaly spectacle of a charmed haunted house, the early anticipatory flutter gave way to a wait a minute apprehension as the pageantry of performers, this slice of non-otb seattle (read: i'm thinking maybs this is the first chamorro/filipino rapper to grace the stage here?), began inhabiting the space. after coming to the conclusion that the choosing of performers was neither political nor apolitical, just beautifully lit, i freed myself up to wander the vast grounds only to be snagged into a conversation with a friendly stranger (or was it strange friend?) somewhere between the lobby and the main stage. a position that granted me the opportunity to hear the audience laughter coming one side of me and soft guitar + applause coming from another and be able to actually see neither of them. this would have been annoying had it not been so. . . befitting. and so it went overall, a sociable brew of well defined parameters and good old fashioned only on craigslist chance.