Poc-poc or not poc-poc Sep 27, 2014

by Benjamin Orillon

Germinal is a very fertile show that successfully renders the complexity of human kind from a social, science and philosophical perspectives without loosing its sense or non-sense . The humor and “decalage” shade a light tone and contribute to a very celebratory and stimulating performance. The use of both French and English languages looks like rather a fine-tuning of show than an outcome of constraints demonstrating the creators’’ skills to maintain the performance quirky and whimsy.

What a great “trouvaille” to carry on human need for understanding and explaining in such a funny way ; The Poc-poc categorization that works in both languages: abstract, concept, feelings, audience, us…

Germinal ends up using all arrays of drama arts and mingle many cultures and languages to portray a genuine and ideal world! Not sure it was the first intent but it’s a fun and invigorating! En attendant le prochain, poc-poc or not poc-poc?

Benjamin Orillon is Assistant Head/French Curriculum at the French American School of Puget Sound.