Pas par pas &ndash; Growth and growing pains for locust <font size=2>by Mike Keim</font> Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Mockumentary, the new show by locust, has excellent dancing and music hampered by video that does little to enhance the show. The dancing is good in solos and full cast sections, and sublime during the partner dancing. I went last night remembering part of their last show, convenience, in which Ellie Sandstrom did the craziest awesome foot-pattycake (is that the technical term?) with another dancer lying on her back, and I was excited to see more of this partner work. I was not disappointed. I think locust’s partner choreography is incredible; I could watch it all night. I feel like I’m constantly seeing new movements and new ways for two people to inhabit each other’s space. My favorite was probably the partnering of the street ninja and his prey. Really, I could go on and on ”¦ Sadly, this show had a lot of other distractions, including a short video during the opening that played for cheap laughs, followed by an ongoing drama that I guess I shouldn’t spoil for the audience. I’ll just say that in my opinion, all the artistic juice in dancing zombies was squeezed out in 1984 by Michael Jackson, and when you make the living dead out of French-speaking critics, aren’t you being a little redundant? (Perhaps 1984 was a formative year for locust: This is Spinal Tap, often cited as the source of the word  “mockumentary ”, when Rob Reiner used it to describe his  “rockumentary ”, came out in 1984.) I just didn’t get what they were trying to do with the video or the bikes in the spotlights, whereas the dance and music seemed so alive. My plea to locust: you guys do good dance to good music. I’d like to see a show with lots of dancing to lots of music, and nothing else. As you demonstrated again last night, you have everything it takes to make a truly amazing show with just those elements. Mike Keim is a graduate student who recently discovered the old blue pan in his cupboard is perfect for making eggs over-easy.