OtB's (unofficial) big weekend of dance and theater approaches Feb 6, 2009

by Jessica

Next weekend OtB is presenting a full 5 days of art. That's right - 5.

On Thursday, February 12, we kick off the weekend with some creepy, yet crafted dance theater from Portland's tEEth. The company just started moving into our Mainstage Theater, bringing with them:
-6 dancers
-blue screen materials
-a whole lot of videocameras
-a moment featuring one of my favorite  images of the season
-costumes by Coraline collaborator Paloma Soledad
-donuts (for the production crew - they're a sweet bunch!)

tEEth run through Saturday night only (get your tickets now to make sure you get a seat!).

Then, on Sunday the 15th, we present a fresh edition of 12 Minutes Max. This one was curated by Lyall Bush (Interim Executive Director, NW Film Forum) and Ginny Ruffner (OtB Board of Directors) and features the following folks:
-Dr. Andy Hubble’s Crucible of Authenticity
-Morgan Nutt
-Pam Kuntz
-ilvs strauss
-Kristin Hapke | tindance
-Southside Sunday Company

Read about what each artist is up to and then plan on lining up early Sunday and Monday night for tickets at the door.

Thats a whole lot of art over the course of 5 days. And all for quite a deal - only $18 for tEEth ($12 if you're under 25) and $8 for 12 Minutes Max.