Opposing Forces Work Together Oct 29, 2014

by Seattle Dances

Seattle Dances' take on Opposing Forces:

"In execution, Opposing Forces proved itself an extraordinary collaboration, not just between O’Neal and the dancers, but also in every aspect of the technical development. DJ Waylon Dungan (WD4D) provided excellent beats and created new musical landscapes for each section. However, it was the partnership between Amiya Brown’s lighting design and Ben Zamora’s set that stole the show. Zamora’s design of interlocking geometric patterns (boxes, triangles, ‘x’s, and eight-pointed stars) on the floor and backdrop set an incredibly adaptable scene, especially in tandem with the lighting. Brown’s lighting transformed the space time and time again, from sharply focused spots flashing tiled patterns reminiscent of disco clubs to bright washes of light revealing vulnerabilities. Arguably, these elements upstaged even the superb dancing, highlighting each section so specifically and effectively that they became ingenious works of art on their own."

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