Nine Men! Grupo de Rua's H3 Opens tomorrow Jan 27, 2010

by Mike P

It's been quite a season at On the Boards this year, and this month has been jam packed so far with some awesome dance. Starting with Olivier Wevers' Whim W'him and the group's sold-out showings of 3 Seasons a couple weeks ago, this week brings dance from the other end of the dance spectrum (and also, other end of the world) with Brazilian chorographer Bruno Beltrão and Grupo de Rua's H3. With stellar reviews pouring in from all over the globe, this fast-paced and aggressive work brings nine men (I repeat, NINE men) to the stage to battle it out on the floor, abstracting hip-hop theatrics and intense physicality into "a minimalist, almost meditative interpretation of hip-hop in which the movement itself becomes its own pulsating rhythm." Q. What happens in the space between hip hop and contemporary dance? A: This show. Did I mention there will be nine men onstage? From the short clip of H3 on the YouTubes, Vancouve BC's Kidd Pivot and the 605 Collective immediately come to mind. Really technically badass, people. H3 could very well be among one of the most energetically charged and talked about shows of the season. Sold out Friday and Saturday, but don't let that stop you from seeing it, tickets still available Thu and Sun. Call the box office now! Nine men! -Mike P