neworldtheatre: You will regret not seeing this show. <font size=2>by Bret Fetzer</font> May 17, 2007

by Bret

This blog will be short, because I only have one thing to say: You should go see 'The Adventures of Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil (a divertimento for warlords)'. It is very, very funny. It is remarkably smart and cutting -- political satire that makes you recognize that 99% of what is called 'political satire' is limp and chickenhearted. Skipping deftly from topical events like the death of Jerry Falwell to the formulas of action screenplays and ethnic family drama to puppet Oval Office meetings and allusions to Cat Stevens -- by the time you get to the Scottish Lane Czaplinski reciting a summary of 'Braveheart' (and, without ever being overly pointed, underscoring how similar are the stories that oppressed people tell about themselves) you'll be dizzy with glee. I really can't remember when I saw satire that cut as close to the bone as when Ali and Ali tried to assist Osama bin Laden with his public image; the confused impulses of the audience, torn between laughter and acute discomfort, was oddly thrilling. And if the more serious portions of the show sit uneasily amid the incisive comedy -- well, that probably has as much to do with the world our leaders have made (and our anxious complicity in its making) as it does with the show itself. Go see it.