"The Man Who Can Forget Anything" is a whirlwind of theatre, film, music and dance Oct 2, 2014

by Erin

Their most recent work, The Man Who Can Forget Anything, is a theatre piece that delves into family history and contemplates the bittersweet absurdity of memory, aging and the passage of time.

Serving their flavor of narrative-defying, baroque genre mashup, The Man Who Can Forget Anything is a whirlwind of theatre, film, music and dance that features performances by Murphy, Lachow, Charlie and Sam, On the Boards regulars Marissa Niederhauser and Ezra Dickinson, actors Annette Toutonghi and Sarah Harlett and performer/musician Maggie Brown, as well as a foursome of musicians on trumpet, trombone, cello, clarinet and sax. Murphy and Lachow have been writing the piece together for the past year at their home in New York City, where the family relocated from Seattle in 2008. Chekhov’s Three Sisters—a frequent inspiration for the couple’s performances over the years—was a launching point.

"We find in Chekov a longing for the present,” Lachow says. “That longing is the spirit of our age, and of theatre in general. ‘What would it be like,’ says Vershinin, ‘if you could live your life over again? Consciously, I mean. Deliberately.’”

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