Live Socks! Dec 8, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

There is a subliminal shift into euphoria; from the business-as-usual day to that of infinite possibility when I'm confronted with sophisticated puppet theater. I'm wondering if it's because most of us were first introduced to puppets as children and young minds are fertile ground for wild imaginings. There is that requisite permission to surrender and be swept up in the new framework (even knowing that the sock is not really also IS, because we will it too). Euphoria in revisiting that unapologetically childlike sense of power in unbridled imagination while also being transported as an adult in an audience seat to that place of infinite possibility, is like yoga. Remember what that feels like, to stretch, to energetically suspend belief and join with the dance? Yes you do and it feels good!

A puppet stage is the arena of super powers and locked within this framework is the luscious, generous invitation to create something of your own. A simple box with a hole it in allows for the shift. On a stage, with the 'props' and trappings of reality we're bent towards a new dimension and join with the testing illusion of live socks. What we will to life IS and giving ourselves that delicious feeling of silly delight in creating our own reality is sublimely human. It gives me fuel, powers up the neurons and allows for my not so 'inner child' to thrive. It's one of the reasons OTB and the programing here has effected me so deeply. I get to entertain myself while I'm working!

I have a special attention disorder towards puppetry in particular...I adore it. For the shamanistic and ultimately clever qualities of repurposed socks, the sets made of cardboard and fur, pipes and string...the articles of a tool box shaped towards an expanding universe! The DIY'r in me rejoices, while analytic gears roll around and around. The roller coaster ride of simultaneously enjoying nostalgia, noting sly, wonderful details and of being surprised. Kyle Loven's "Loss Machine" tests and elevates the capacity for universe building. The show's been sold out (for good reason!), but luckily I was able to get on the waiting list and rewarded with the stylish manifestation of "life" quite outside the box. Superb.