Letting go Feb 20, 2015

by Taylor Westerlund

Letting go. Richard Maxwell has mastered the art of letting go. Of the preconceptions of what theater must be. Of what a script must look like. And of "how to" format a play. No wonder the New York City Players are doing so well on the other side of the States. Luckily, for us,  the character's in The Evening do not have the "letting go" thing down. In order to continue with the trend...this response will not follow the traditional format of "reviewing a play", instead, here is a list of thoughts that followed me home tonight:

"Unwritten without form".
Blank Verse.
"Look at you. You used to be in such great shape. Now you just get high and eat pizza."
Reflections of ourselves.
Pristine, Snow-capped, Lonely Mountaintops.
Just barely missing the connection.
Death, and Rebirth.

Whether you're fighting, surviving, or thriving to liveyou'll end up asking yourself what you have to give up to feel free.