Kristen Kosmas interview with Karinne Keithley Syers Dec 13, 2013

by Erin

"I’m interested in this moment when playwrights are writing these texts, but it’s not obvious how to stage them. How does everyone bring the fullness of their artistry—their directing or design—to be in harmony, or in opposition to the text, or whatever...where what’s there to be seen in the theater is...not so overwhelming or so prescriptive that it’s interfering with the possibility of the audience member or the audience collective to have another whole imaginative or cinematic thing going on in their minds, which I think is what’s happening in a lot of the writing that I love so much. Your imagination does need to be able to be free."

– Kristen Kosmas talks instincts, poetry, performance, dis-and reappearing with artist Karinne Keithley Syers at Bomblog.

*photo courtesy of Brian Rogers